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Note: Titles enclosed by "• •" are shorter reviews in the "Short Cuts" section.

PAPER WARS #38 (Nov/Dec 2000)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Bittereinder Microgame Design Group Robert Lang with Wade Hinkle
Mamanachos! Perry Moore Walt O'Hara
Shipwreck/Freeplay '88 Vandering Publishing Patrick R. Collins
Preussich - Eylau Avalanche Press Walt O'Hara
Tunisia '43 Critical Hit Robert Lindsay
Bonaparte in Italy OSG Richard G, Simon
Tank Action 1919 Perry Moore Doug Murphy
Foxhole GameFix Doug Murphy
Galaxy: The Dark Ages GMT Games Douglas Jorenby
Thieves of Bagdad Tilsit Editions / Clash of Arms Terry Rooker
Silver Bayonet GMT Games Brandon Einhorn
Blood & Steel Microgame Design Group John D. Burtt
Army Group North and Drive to the Baltic Perry Moore and Critical Hit John Alsen
Austerlitz 1805 GMT Games Doug Murphy
• Crimean War Battles • Decision Games Dav Vandenbroucke
• Vox Populi • Tilsit Editions / Clash of Arms Terry Rooker
• Battleline • GMT Games Brandon Einhorn
• Victory in Vietnam • Microgame Design Group Bill Lenoir
• Ia Drang 1965 • Vae Victis Brandon Einhorn


PAPER WARS #37 (Sep/Oct 2000)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Blood Reef: Tarawa Multi-Man Publishing David Newport
1904-1905: The Russo-Japanese Naval War Avalanche Press Walt O'Hara and Rick Lechowich
Aspern-Essling The Gamers Carl Gruber
Operation Vital Ground Perry Moore Carl Gruber
PanzerGrenadier Avalanche Press Brian A. Datta
Battle of Talana Hill Frontier Post Greg Romano
Cataphract/Justinian GMT Games Brandon Einhorn
Over the Top Decision Games John D. Burtt
Druid West End Games Robert Kasten
Messines: Prelude to Hell Markham Designs Rick Lechowich
The Last Blitzkrieg: Operation Peace for Galilee 1982 Perry Moore Gary Romano
Bannockburn/Tamburlain the Great Decision Games Gary Romano
The Jewish War Khyber Pass Games Steven A. Carey
Storm Over Scandinavia GR/D Bill Gibbs
Liberty March Mohawk Valley History Project John D. Burtt
• Rossiya 1917 • Azure Wish Rob Markham
• River of Death • GMT Games Terry Rooker
• Ninja Wars • Excelsior Games Karl and Henry Lowood
• Res Publica • Avalanche Press Douglas Jorenby
• French Foreign Legion • Decision Games Terry Rooker


PAPER WARS #36 (Jul/Aug 2000)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Vae Victis Magazine: A Collective Game Review... ---------- ----------
En Pointe Toujours (VV#16) Vae Victis Gary Romano
Formigny 1450 / Poitiers 1356 (VV#26) Vae Victis John D. Burtt
Abbeville 1940 (VV#7) Vae Victis Gary Romano
Normandie '44 (VV#27) Vae Victis Brian Datta
Kharkov 1943 (VV#25) Vae Victis Brian Datta
Bloody Beach Omaha Bill Ramsay David E. Newport
Guerrilla Avalon Hill Douglas Jorenby
The Damned Die Hard GR/D Mike Tapner
Totaler Krieg! Decision Games Wade Hinkle
Infernal Machines Clash of Arms Patrick R. Collins
The Clash of Eagles: Borodino/Friedland Decision Games Carl Gruber
U.S. Navy Plan Black Avalanche Press Doug Murphy
Iron Dream XTR Sam Sheikh
Tet Offensive and Tet '68 GDW and XTR Gary Romano
Vietnam Battles Decision Games Dav Vandenbroucke
At All Hazards Ivy Street Games Patrick R. Collins
Grunwald 1410 XTR Kevin Donovan
Gazala The Gamers Carl Gruber
Emperors Last War Novina Art Kritzer


PAPER WARS #35 (May/Jun 2000)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Burma The Gamers Mark Olson
1776 Avalon Hill Rod Coffey
March to Victory GR/D Rick Lechowich
Guderian's Last Gamble: Operation Sonnenwende Perry Moore Doug Murphy
Vinci: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations Descartes Steven Carey
Korean War Victory Games Brandon Einhorn
Tigers in the Mist GMT Games James C. Gordon
This Accursed Civil War Ben Hull Brandon Einhorn
Fire in Mississippi Blue Guidon Games Walt O'Hara
DragonEpic JD Quest Terry Rooker
Barbarossa: Army Group Center GMT Games Henry Lowood
Chantilly Ivy Street Games Bill Lenoir
• In Flanders Field • Critical Hit James C. Gordon
• Zoon • West End Games John D. Burtt
• Dragon War • RAK Graphics John D. Burtt
• Bethesda Church • Ivy Street Games Robert Lindsay
• Afghanistan • Microgame Co-op Robert Lindsay
• Panzerzug • Winsome Games Jogn D. Burtt


PAPER WARS #34 (Mar/Apr 2000)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Der Weltkrieg Series SPW David Newport and Pat Collins
The Summer Tet Offensive, August 1968 Perry Moore Doug Murphy
Le Matz 1918 Vae Victis John D. Burtt
Overthrone R&R Games Douglas Jorenby
June 6 GMT Games Terry Rooker
The Battles for Alamein Lou Coatney Eric Pass
The Fire Next Time XTR Sam Sheikh
The Ashes of Empire Udo Grebe Gamedesign Karl and Henry Lowood
The Barbarossa File Lou Coatney Mark Olson
Union vs. Central Winsome Games Steven Carey
Paths of Glory GMT Games Terry Rooker
Thoughts on Strategy: Paths of Glory GMT Games Brandon Einhorn
Drive on Damascus Simulation Games Doug Murphy
Combat! Normandy Critical Hit John Alsen


PAPER WARS #33 (Jan/Feb 2000)
Title Publisher Reviewer
The Last Days of the Grande Armée OSG John D. Burtt
Freikorps Microgame Co-op Walt O'Hara
GR/D Forges Ahead on All Fronts ---------- Bill Gibbs
America in Flames ADG Doug Murphy
Operation Spark: The Relief of Leningrad Clash of Arms Carl Gruber
Summer Storm Clash of Arms Greg Ullrich
Sea Devils Decision Games Jim Gordon
Lodz 1914 Moments in History Richard Simon
Armageddon - Battles in the End Times Microgame Co-op Patrick R. Collins
Crimean War Decision Games Dav Vandenbroucke
Death & Destruction: The Iran-Iraq War Perry Moore Patrick R. Collins
Crete 1941 Vae Victis Markus Stumptner
Forgotten Axis: Murmansk 1941 Decision Games James C. Gordon
Vimeiro Markham Designs Steve Carey
A New Look: Victory Columbia Games Jim Mason



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