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Note: Titles enclosed by "• •" are shorter reviews in the "Short Cuts" section.

PAPER WARS #42 (Nov/Dec 2001)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Advanced Squad Leader 2nd Edition Rule Book Multi-Man Publishing Wade Hinkle
La Bataille D'Orthez Clash of Arms Kevin Donovan
1864 - Year of Decision Omega Games Brandon Einhorn
Leuthen 1757 Vae Victis Todd Wilson
Invasion: Norway and Norway 1940 GMT Games and Quarterdeck Games James Urban
Pusan Perimeter Schutze Games Doug Murphy
Algeria Microgame Design Group Terry Rooker
This Terrible Sound The Gamers Don Evans
Senlac Hill and Orri's Storm Norm Smith John D. Burtt
Fallschirmjäger The Gamers Britt Strickland
Bushido Denied Schutze Games Richard Simon
Blood & Steel - Expansion Schutze Games Patrick R. Collins
1861 Asten Games Kevin Rohrer
Nördlingen 1634 Ben Hull Steve Carey
Empire Warhorse Simulations

Walt O'Hara

**Special Report on Origins 2001   John D. Burtt


PAPER WARS #41 (Jul/Aug 2001)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Blitzkreig General Udo Grebe Gamedesign Mark Olson
Genesis 48 Critical Hit Sakari Lindhen
Vimy Ridge 1917 Pacific Rim John D. Burtt
The Spanish-American War 1898 Avalanche Press Dav Vandenbrouke
Marengo 1800 Vae Victis Kevin Donovan
A Frozen Hell The Gamers Sakari Lindhen
A Frozen Hell Battle Report The Gamers David Newport
Rolica Rob Markham Peter Perla
The Second Boer War Decision Games Robert Laing
Rome at War: Hannibal at Bay Avalanche Press Peter Perla with Michael Markowitz
Twilight of the Hapsburgs Decision Games Brian Datta
• Panzers Along the Terek! • Perry Moore Paul Rohrbaugh
• Dien Bien Phu and Vallée de la Mort • Vae Victis and Microgame Design Group Terry Rooker
• Azteca • Clash of Arms / Tilsit Rob Markham


PAPER WARS #40 (May/Jun 2001)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Invasion Taipei Decision Games Wade Hinkle
Drive on Paris The Gamers Rick Lechowich
Ukraine '43 GMT Games Henry Lowood
Empires of the Ancient World Warfrog Steve Carey
First Day at the Somme Minden Games John D. Burtt
Xenophon Decision Games Brian Datta
Foxhole Set Two One Small Step Doug Murphy
Frederick the Great and The Campaigns of Frederick the Great AH / 3W James Urban
Risorgimento 1859 GMT Games Walt O'Hara
Fox One One Small Step Doug Murphy
Aegean War Perry Moore Paul Rohrbaugh
Solomon Sea Simulation Workshop Brandon Einhorn
• Sand in the Whirlwind • Khyber Pass Games Art Kritzer
• Hover Tank 3 • Winsome Games John D. Burtt
• Balkan Front • GR/D Bill Gibbs


PAPER WARS #39 (Mar/Apr 2001)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Pacific Victory Columbia Games Patrick R. Collins
Battles of the Ancient World Volume III Decision Games Art Kritzer
American War of Independence Series: Cowpens and Hobkirk Hill Rob Markham John D. Burtt with Mike Nagel
Combat! Stalingrad Critical Hit David Newport
For the People II GMT Games Terry Rooker
GMT Games' and Avalon Hill's For the People GMT / AHGC Brandon Einhorn
Serbia the Defiant/Romania: Transylvania Gambit SPW / Decision Games Brian Datta
SOPAC Avalanche Press Doug Murphy
Sicily: Triumph and Folly The Gamers Richard A. Lechowich
War in Europe Decision Games John Skiba, Jr.
Velikye Luki Critical Hit John D. Burtt
Zurich 1799 Vae Victis Kevin Donovan
Wizard Kings Columbia Games Steven A. Carey
• Pirate's Plunder • Hillary's Toybox Walt O'Hara
• Hover Tank II • Winsome Games Patrick R. Collins
• Field Command • Walter Johnson John D. Burtt
• Circus Minimus • The Gamers Terry Rooker
• War Games 2000 • Mindsim John D. Burtt
• Ivanhoe • GMT Games Douglas Jorenby



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