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Note: Titles enclosed by "• •" are shorter reviews in the "Short Cuts" section.


PAPER WARS #48 (Nov/Dec 2002)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Hammer of the Scots Columbia Games Britt Strickland
The Fab Five: Five games each reviewer would save in the event of a fire or other disaster... ---------- All Active PW Reviewers
Operation Michael The Gamers/Multi-Man Publishing Wade Hinkle
Enjoying a Slice of Sicilian -
Sicily: The Race for Messina
Campaign Italy: Sicily
Invasion: Sicily
Decision Games
GMT Games
Adam Starkweather
Air Cav West End Games Dav Vandenbroucke
First Indochina War Decision Games Terry Rooker
Hegemon Against the Odds Walt O'Hara
Operation Watchtower Multi-Man Publishing David Newport
Beyond the Urals Decision Games Robert Lindsay
The Spanish Civil War Guild of Blades Doug Murphy
Battle for the Falklands Guild of Blades Doug Murphy
Wallenstein Queen Games Douglas E. Jorenby
Wizard's Quest Avalon Hill John D. Burtt


PAPER WARS #47 (Sep/Oct 2002)
Title Publisher Reviewer
ORIGINS 2002 Report ---------- John D. Burtt
Over There GR/D Rick Lechowich
Clash of Arms: As Grand as their Games ---------- Bill Gibbs
Imperator Vae Victis Doug Murphy
Caesar in Alexandria GMT Games Sakuri Lindhen
Soldier Kings Avalanche Press James Urban
Richard I - The Lionheart Mayfair Games Patrick R. Collins
Russian Civil War x2: Reds! and White Steel/Red Blood GMT Games and Perry Moore M. Evan Brooks
Moscow Attacked! Lou Coatney Paul Rohrbaugh
War Plan Crimson Microgame Design Group Doug Murphy
Screaming Eagles in Holland Multi-Man Publishing Patrick R. Collins
Minden for One: Solitaire Games from Minden Games - The Barbarossa Campaign, Reichstag: The Fall of Berlin, Nuremburg: Trial of the Century, Commando Raid on Rommel, Fall of Constantinople, Cold Harbor, and 1914: Opening Moves Minden Games John D. Burtt, Brandon Einhorn, and Todd Wilson
Green Beret Simulations Workshop Brian Datta
Soviet Nadir Perry Moore Patrick R. Collins with Paul Rohrbaugh
Breaking Into Valhalla Peter Schutze David Newport
The Last Blitzkrieg: Operation Peace for Galilee Perry Moore Emory Earl Toops


PAPER WARS #46 (Jul/Aug 2002)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Prussia's Glory GMT Games James Urban
Avalanche Press Aims for the Top Tier ---------- Bill Gibbs
Pacific Fleet Hobby Japan Adam Starkweather
Togoland, 1914 Khyber Pass Games Richard G. Simon
This Accursed Civil War GMT Games Britt Strickland
War of 1812 Decision Games Terry Rooker
Onslaught: D-Day to the Rhine TSR/SPI John Bohrer
Typhoon Over the Pacific Vae Victis Terry Rooker
Kasserine GMT Games Alan Murphy
Operation Kremlin Decision Games Brian Datta
Thirty Years Wars GMT Games Walt O'Hara
Clash of Giants GMT Games Bill Lenoir
Flagship GMT Games Douglas E. Jorenby


PAPER WARS #45 (May/Jun 2002)
Title Publisher Reviewer
The Battles for Philadelphia: Brandywine and Germantown Clash of Arms Richard A. Lechowich
Wilderness War GMT Games Patrick R. Collins
Valor and Vengeance: The Battle of Ulus-Kert and Little Stalingrad: Komsomolskoye Perry Moore Paul Rohrbaugh
Drive on Frankfurt Pacific Rim Adam Starkweather
Tenjo WhySpire? Games Rob Markham
Mediterranean Fury Microgame Design Group John D. Burtt
Battle for China and More Battle for China Microgame Design Group James C. Gordon
Guadalajara, 1937 Rob Markham Brian Datta
The Great Boer War Board Game Frontier Post John D. Burtt
JUMP (Justified Use of Military Power) Evil Polish Brothers Dav Vandenbroucke
The American Civil War Eagle Games Kevin C. Rohrer
The Second World War at Sea - Eastern Fleet Avalanche Press Wade Hinkle
• Chippewa • Markham Designs John D. Burtt
• Lord of Creations • Warfrog John D. Burtt
• Liberté • Warfrog

John D. Burtt


PAPER WARS #44 (Mar/Apr 2002)

Maximum Effort Wargaming Issue!
Title Publisher Reviewer
Red Badge of Courage GMT Games Walt O'Hara
When Dragons Fight XTR Doug Murphy
France 1940 Vae Victis Art Kritzer
Battle Cry Hasbro Jeff Mullet
Forgotten Axis: Romania 1941-42 Decision Games Henry Lowood
Defiance in the Desert Khyber Pass Doug Murphy
Guderian's Blitzkrieg II The Gamers Greg Ullrich
War! Age of Imperialism Eagle Games Britt Strickland
Eastern Front Solitaire Omega Games Terry Rooker
Royal Tank Corps Critical Hit Sakari Lindhen
Grant Takes Command Multi-Man Publishing Sakari Lindhen
Kippour '73 Vae Victis Paul Rohrbaugh
ROK 1920: The Polish-Soviet War Legun Wargames of Poland Richard G. Simon
Fields of Honor Pinnacle Entertainment John D. Burtt
Barbarossa: Army Group North GMT Games

Rick Lechowich

• Fear God and Dread Naught • Clash of Arms John D. Burtt
• Longbow • BSO Games John D. Burtt


PAPER WARS #43 (Jan/Feb 2002)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Cherkassy Pocket Decision Games David Newport
Solitaire ASL Multi-Man Publishing David Newport
From Bull Run to Appomattox Vae Victis Brian Datta
The Great War at Sea: Mediterranean - 2Ed Avalanche Press Wade Hinkle
Götterdämmerung 1945 Moments in History Robert Lindsay
Triumph & Glory GMT Games Britt Strickland
Winter Fury / Blood on the Snow Avalanche Press Sakurai Lindhén
Combat! Rangers / Combat! Kursk Critical Hit Patrick R. Collins with John D. Burtt
Zero! - Down in Flames Expansion GMT Games Walt O'Hara
Switzerland Must Be Swallowed Microgame Design Group Doug Murphy
Waterloo 20 Joe Miranda Mark A. Kramer
Imperium Third Millenium Avalanche Press Terry Rooker and Alex Kachevsky
Samurai & Katana Clash of Arms/Tilsit Douglas Jorenby
Rebel Rails and Confederate Rails Winsome Games and BSO Games Patrick R. Collins
The Romance of Three Kingdoms The Creator Workshop

Douglas Jorenby



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