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Note: Titles enclosed by "• •" are shorter reviews in the "Short Cuts" section.


PAPER WARS #52 (Nov/Dec 2003)

Full-Color Cover Premiere
Title Publisher Reviewer
Granada Avalanche Press Doug Murphy
2003 Origins Report ---------- John D. Burtt
Operation Elope Decision Games Walt O'Hara
Operation Barbarossa 1941 Vae Victis John G. Alsen
Pavia 1525 and Tagina 552 Alea iacta est Kevin Donovan
Vive l'Empereur Gio Games Doug Murphy
Better Dead Than Persian Vae Victis Carl Gruber
Ardennes 1944 Vae Victis John D. Burtt
Civilization Eagle Games Robert G.F. Merrinan, Sr.
Assault Across the Suez 1915 and Operation Grozny: The SS Strikes Perry Moore Robert Lindsay
Quest of the Dragonlords DragonLords, Inc. Kelly Rooker
Iberos, Overlords of the Peninsula Ludopress Rob Markham
Battlecards DG Associates John D. Burtt
The War Room: The Persian Gulf Conflict and Mid-East Peace Northern Cross
Columbia Games
Douglas Jorenby
SS Abyss: Hungary 1945 Perry Moore Bill Lenoir and Jason Juneau
Charlie's Year Red Sash Games Adam Starkweather
• The Dutch Revolt • Microgame Design Group Bill Lenoir
• Operation Typhoon and Sniper Attack • Minden Games John C. Gordon
• Operation Veritable Multi-Man Publishing David Nicholas



PAPER WARS #51 (May/Jun 2003)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Victory in Vietnam II Schutze Games Brandon Einhorn
The Blitzkrieg Series
[Blitzkrieg Stalled: Battle of Arras, May 21-22, 1940; Blitzkrieg Unleashed: Battle of Sedan, May 13-14, 1940; Blitzkrieg Checked: Battle of Gembloux, May 14-15, 1940]
Schutze Games David Nicholas
Bomb Alley Avalanche Press James Urban
Montebello 1800 and Canope 1801 Canons en Cartons John D. Burtt
Cuban Missile Crisis Microgame Design Group Rich Erwin
Marathon and Granicus Decision Games Steve Carey
Fall of France Schutze Games James Urban
Red Guard Schutze Games Patrick R. Collins
Thunder on South Mountain and
South Mountain
Blue Guidon Games
West End Games
Carl Gruber
Kesselschlacht: Von Manstein's Last Gasp Against the Odds Richard G. Simon
The "Fab Five" Games ---------- The Paper Wars Readers
The Next War SPI Wade Hinkle
Across the Piave Microgame Design Group Richard G. Simon
Rome at War: Volume II, Fading Legions Avalanche Press Britt Strickland


PAPER WARS #50 (Mar/Apr 2003)

Golden Anniversary Issue
Title Publisher Reviewer
Advanced Tobruk Critical Hit David Newport
Guilford GMT Games Walt O'Hara
Mallorca 1936 Alea Kevin Donovan
Rebel Seas: The British Navy at Bay, Part 1 Clash of Arms Games Wade Hinkle and Bob Marrinan
Battles for New France Vae Victis Doug Murphy
Afrika Korps Avalanche Press Steven A. Carey
Drive on Stalingrad Decision Games Adam Starkweather
Khe Sanh, 1968 Against the Odds Doug Murphy
Verdun 1916 Vae Victis James Urban
By the Edge of the Sword! Vae Victis Doug Murphy
Midway Avalanche Press Terry Rooker
Naval Warfare: World War II Naval Warfare Simulations Patrick R. Collins
Pacific Battles Volume I Decision Games Dav Vandenbroucke
• Naseby • TCS Games John D. Burtt
• Innocence Lost • TCS Games Brandon Einhorn
• Last Crusade • BSO Games John D. Burtt
• Rough & Ready • Decision Games John D. Burtt
• Ultra Vilelence • The Evil Polish Brothers John D. Burtt
• Battle Grid • ZenoGames John D. Burtt
• Nam Diary • Minden Games John D. Burtt
• South Atlantic War • Clash of Arms Games John D. Burtt


PAPER WARS #49 (Jan/Feb 2003)
Title Publisher Reviewer
Highway to the Kremlin Operational Studies Group Adam Starkweather
Historical Military Services' Optional Counters for GR/D Games ---------- Gar Olmsted
Dien Bien Phu Critical Hit Doug Murphy
A House Divided Phalanx Games John D. Burtt
Napoleon in Europe Eagle Games Brian Datta
Belisarius Decision Games Brandon Einhorn
Caesar: Epic Battle of Alesia Avalon Hill Michael Tapner
Operation Whirlwind Microgame Design Group Brian Datta
Sixth Fleet SPI Doug Murphy
Across the Rappahannock GMT Games Terry Rooker
The Napoleonic Wars GMT Games Douglas E. Jorenby
A Mere Matter of Marching Microgame Design Group James Urban
Barbarossa to Berlin GMT Games Kevin C. Rohrer
U.S. Navy Plan Red Avalanche Press Patrick R. Collins
Brusilov-Gorlice-Tarnow Schroeder Publishing & Wargames Bill Lenoir
1777: Year of the Hangman Clash of Arms Games James C. Gordon



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